There’s no doubt we are on the verge of a massive world changing event. An era to usher in a revolution of creativity, exponential growth in new holistic technology, replicators and antigravity propulsion systems (actually, we have paid for them already with our tax payments).  Here comes a Quantum Leap into the collective consciousness evolution, together with the unveiling of new scientific discoveries for the greater good of all. The third wave event is incoming and it will bring with it profound changes to our DNA, thought patterns and life as we know it. By all accounts  it cannot be stopped. It’s a universal energy direct from source and it has never been experienced with such intensity before now. We have experience the first and second waves which raised the vibration of everything on the planet and created what you call ‘The Awakening’. A new beginning is imminent, a time of harmony, balance and abundance with a greater understanding of who we are and our purpose here. A coming together of creative communities, decentralised networks, cryptocurrency, holistic technology and products from entrepreneurs and visionary start-ups. Imagine a Star Trek future with infinite potential.

The NXT Generation

Our generation is comprised of intelligent, aware individuals from all segments of society and we are dedicated to nonviolent change. This is our future and we are getting ready for the greatest challenge of our time. A decentralised future with a new economy, new rules and creativity never experienced before in our history. Our positive transition from a ME to a WE society.  The future is up to you. We are the NXT Generation.

Branding campaign for NXT Studios
Branding campaign for NXT Studios

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