A gritty prologue sets the space for this epic journey through China by film maker Stéphane Couchoud.

Stéphane has pushed the limits of his DJI drone and Sony stills camera to bring a raw and adrenaline filled vision of travelling through the diverse landscape of China. With textural close-ups and unexpected twists and turns keeping your attention to the end of the film.


Directed by Stéphane Couchoud https://instagram.com/stephane_couchoud/

Second Camera : Bastien Bertail aka “Babou” https://instagram.com/bastienbertail/

FPV : Steph Couchoud et Josselin Cornil aka J-true https://instagram.com/jtrue_fpv/

Music & Sound design : Benjamin Jacquier https://instagram.com/benjacquier/ http://benjacquier.com

Additional Music : Apash – Good News https://instagram.com/apashe/

Label: Engine (on behalf of Kannibalen Records)

VFX & 3D : Christopher Donzel aka “cricri” https://instagram.com/donzelchristopher/

Logistical Assistance : Fred Florin

Thank you w4rell for the subtitles #Charpentiersdelimage

Thanks to Puits Couriot Parc Musée de la Mine de Saint-Etienne for the “false prison cell”.

The 2 “cops” at the start, Adriano and his brother.

Special Thanks to Olivier Marchesin.



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