Beautiful Idiot takes you on a ride through the mindset and motivations of those who feel driven to pursue greatness, how it can feel to fall short, and the consequences of reaching a lofty goal when the struggle to get there has defined you for so long. Featuring professional freeride mountain bike rider Brett Rheeder.

Directed by – Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson
Written by – Anders J. Svensson

Featuring – Brett Rheeder
With – Elliot Friesen and Austin Friesen

Produced by – GRAIN and Harrison Mendel
Executive Producers – Dustin Brady, Andrew Shandro, Robb Thompson, Steve Seeley, Kent Toth, Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel
Director of Photography – Harrison Mendel
Principle Cinematographer – Liam Mullany
Additional Cinematography – Seger Nelson and Brody Jones
Editors – Harrison Mendel and Shelley Fried
Colorist – Steve Seeley
VFX – Calvin Sun
Title Design – Shelley Fried
Music Composer – Windmills, Cory Myraas, Mitch Lee
Sound Design and Mix – Mitch Lee and Taylor Richardson
VO – Brad Avenyou


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