The Searl Effect Generator has been known for over 60 years after the inventor John Searl discovered the connection between the earths’ magnetics, particle science, electrons and zero point energy. The Searl Effect Generator is a free energy device that could save the world and even power antigravity vehicles.

Nature, based upon the flat earth model as opposed to a ‘fake globe’ model also demonstrates the circular weather patterns in ionised space. Instead of random air currents on a globe model, on a flat earth the currents originate and travel in circular patterns, just like nature.


Here is the azimuthal view (above the earth) showing the possibility of more land beyond the ice ring.


Check out this video outlining the link between nature, magnetics, the iChing, mathematics and of course natural law.

 For more on the Searl Effect and John Searl visit The Searl Solution


Why would they hide the true nature of reality and the flat earth model?


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