Following the tragic loss of his brother, Tim Kolder, film maker and world traveller Sam Kolder spent many months and hours crafting a tribute to their infinite spiritual bond. Sam released a very personal journey in his film, Hey Tim. We are humbled, fully support and continue to be inspired by the message and uplifting experience in the making of this film and commend Sam for his raw and heartfelt glimpse into his life and motivation. This is an enlightened film, a story of loss, dedication and empowerment. We can all learn from it.

Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most, is more people who come alive.

Howard Thurman

Sam gives special thanks to Jakob Burkhardt for helping with shooting a ton of this footage over the past 2 years! Together they traveled the world and collected tons of memories. He also thanks to everyone who has been supporting him and his work.

I could not have made this without you all.

Sam Kolder

Follow the journey!

Animations by Howard Wimshurst

Music by

Odesza Line of sight (Reprise)…

Higher Ground (Reprise)…

It’s Only (Feat. Zyra) Odesza VIP remix…

Ben Böhmer Autumn (Original Mix)…

It’s Only – cover by ‘Jules’


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