Hybrids is a short animated journey into a metaphorical world of the survival of a hybrid species, inhabiting our dystopian polluted oceans of the future. (Unless we take action on-shore to reduce the garbage dumping into our rivers and oceans).

The film was co-directed by Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau and Romain Thirion, with music by Vincent Govindin.

Hybrids is certainly penetrating the world festivals and winning awards wherever it is shown. A gem of an idea that can bend many minds to instigate change and activism. The art direction, lighting and 3d animation is a masterpiece of technical execution. The real world textures and backgrounds are seamlessly composed for extra realism.


For further details visit the Hybrids website https://www.hybrids-shortfilm.com


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