There’s a tsunami flow of information and data coming at you every second. It’s easy to loose focus and spin out in the wrong direction. It seems like everyone is trying to centralise everything. Who’s in control of all the data? Power, government, control, money, ideas, technology. You name it, the battle to govern everything has been going on for Millenia.

So how can we work together and decentralise this control so it becomes a P2P, peer-to-peer system? Everything is shared by everyone in the sharing economy.

You and your circle of friends have ideas, you want to change the world, you want freedom and you are part of the next generation. What can you do right now to inspire others and help create a positive experience for others? How can you see the benefits manifest into more and more positive solutions?

Here’s a solution from Myles Dyer we feature on the NXT Studios SHOWCASE.

DECENTRALISE EVERYTHING. Just one of many videos featured on the NXT Studios Technology Channel


Decentralise Everything is a solution based presentation of ideas and discussion based upon the challenges faces us in the information, authority, wealth and energy sectors.

“When observing the world’s current political, economic & environmental problems, it is clear that our generation could be who determine the fate of the human race” – Myles Dyer

This groundbreaking video made it on to the NXT Studios Technology Channel because it’s solution based and a great example of clear, passionate, creative thinking.

Thanks to Myles for the inspirational video.

So try this. Disconnect from the internet or the smart phone and go outside. Taking a time out to think.

Focus on the power of discernment is the key. It’s all about what feels right to you? Listening to your instinct. Creating a self-awareness principle for yourself. Look around you for INSPIRATION and think about what a decentralised future will look like. Challenge yourself and others in your network CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE.

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