We are extremely inspired to present this film by Epic Montana.  Living Rivers offers a breathtaking glimpse into river surfing the awesome power of fast running water from a glacier.

A clear philosophy is presented in the intro to the film. “We surf the snow, the snow melts into the rivers, we surf the rivers, the rivers flow to the ocean”.

Epic Montana describes their film as a rush of water spilling from the high mountain peaks of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, surfers are finding standing waves that move with life and never end.

This first of two short films is a snapshot of one of the many unique river cultures in the American West. These shorts, along with the stories of others who share that intimate relationship with the world of moving water, will make a short film titled “Living Rivers” to be released at film festivals in spring of 2016.

Special thanks to Strongwater Mountain Surf company for backing the production of this short film.

“Always This Late” performed by ODESZA.

Epic Montana – by Maxlowe Media a Montana production house.


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