Film maker Jacco Kliesch takes us into a thought provoking space of reflection and ecological awareness in his film Mindless Crowd.

Combining mostly aerial stock footage with the audio commentary of Alan Watts and a meditative ambience, it is only when we look at our achievements and relationship to the environment that we are challenged to think from a different perspective. From above, looking down on creation.

‘Mindless Crowd’ is a collage of drone footage combined with a voiceover from the 1960s. The short film is examining the different patterns and formations which human civilization has shaped on the surface of planet earth. It therefore is using only one consistent perspective – the top view.

A film by Jacco Kliesch (2019)
Based on a speech by Alan Watts

Music Track 1: Max Brodie – Ambient Explorer
Music Track 2: Vaisnava – Creating Space Meditation


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