When we view life from another persons perspective, we can sometimes find connected to a thought, an inner spark, or a gem of wisdom that relates to an essential narrative or ingredient missing in society today.  This simple yet well executed documentary film by Yuko Okumura explores the the basic approach to living our daily lives with more meaning, balance and finding harmony with nature from the teachings of a buddist spiritual philosophy.

Sit is a film about purpose in life, seen through the eyes of a Buddhist monk born into a multi-generational Japanese family of merchants and the challenges faced by his son in modern society.

With one foot in the modern world and all that has to offer and the other firmly planted in the philosophy of buddism, Masaki Okumura presents the challenge of passing his way of life through to the ambitions of his son.

Director – Yoko Okumura – yokookumura.com
Producer – Christopher Ruiz
Cinematographer – Bennett Cerf – bennettcerf.com
Editors – Yoko Okumura & Steve Pristin – stevenpristin.com
Sound Design – Patrick Janssen – patjanssen.com
Music – Ken Christianson ken4397.wixsite.com/pere and Derde Verde – derdeverde.bandcamp.com

Shohaku Okumura – sanshinji.org
Yuko Okumura 
Masaki Okumura