In photography and film making it often takes great focus, dedication and passion to constantly put yourself in dangerous locations in order to get the best shots. Oskar Enander is no exception to this art. Directed & Shot by Frank Pickell, Ski Photographer documents Oskar’s life work, as he shares his journey and explains the visual challenge he must overcome to capture the iconic moments of his award winning photography.

Oskar Enander – Ski Photographer

Drawn to the mountains in search of the ski bum lifestyle, Oskar Enander had no intention of ever becoming a photographer. Today, Oskar’s iconic and unique perspective is highly sought after in the ski world. And yet, he shoots very little outside of winter. This film goes behind the lens in Oskar’s home town of Engelberg, Switzerland to explore a life in the mountains and the influences that shape a ski photographer.

DPS Cinematic:


Featuring: Oskar Enander, Santiago Guzman, Olof Larsson, Sanne Mona, and Piers Solomon

Directed & Shot by: Frank Pickell //

Edited by: Matt Wade

Executive Producer: Dan Benshoff  


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